Market gap wide open for irrepressible Bev Done with that … Beverly Sibanda opening her Harare clothing shop

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WHILE the media has been in overdrive in its coverage of pole dancer Beverley Sibanda popularly known as Bev, moralising about her erotic dancing, it seems the publicity has gotten her just where she wants to be.
Her recent brush with the law where she pleaded guilty to charges of contravening the code of ethics in her industry and escaped with a fine has made her a cause celebre with indications more promoters want to rope her in.
And the femme fatale who leaves men gasping for breath with her visual Viagra is letting her juggernaut run wild in spite of the attacks by curiously a moralistic media.
“Truth is many men are pledging they want to see Bev in action and the promoters are fighting for a slot in from (pun intended) in order to land her at their shows after the free publicity,” said a promoter who refused to be named.
Indeed Bev’s shows have now spread like a veld-fire across the city with new and returning clients all coming to see the raunchy dancer in action.
And with the winter chill setting in, it seems she remains round about the only attraction whose sexually charged dance moves can almost literally set ice on fire.
“The fact is, we have had to cash in on the fresh wave of curiosity on the dances Bev performs. It also helps that she is also fresh from a sabbatical after being nicked for a tad by Prophet Magaya leaving her legion of fans searching for a new act to close the gap.”
And now that gap is open-wide open!
The next show scheduled for Pamuzinda Ice and Fire, the new home of what used to be Jazz 105, this Friday 13th is a focus point and even those who are superstitious may not mind that it is a Friday and unlucky number thirteen.
Promoter Josh Hozheri was coy to admit that his choice of doing a Bev in the periphery of Kuwadzana Extension was spurred by the recent controversy but admitted that he was giving the people their choice.
“She is an act that the people want and that is what we are going to give them. We are confident of a great show and many people are calling and asking if she really is going to be there in the flesh.”
And it seems the patron saint of explicit dancing is definitely going to give more than flesh on the day.
The question thus is whether people moralise by day and throng the homes of the explicit by night – castigating Bev by day and loving her stiff by night. However, if the current Bev-mania is to go by then they most certainly are!Advertisement