Marry Releases Picture Of An Ailing Chiwenga

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By Leopold Munhende

MARRY Mubaiwa, estranged wife of vice president Constantino Chiwenga has released a 2019 image of him, in a South African hospital, looking worn out, thin and very sick.

The picture, according to Mubaiwa was taken at the time the court alleges he attempted to kill his husband.

“Which cables were removed from this guy?” Mubaiwa captioned the image.

“That is when he was in South Africa in 2019. Make your own analysis, the truth must come out.”

Mubaiwa has been in and out of court over the matter in a case that has gained public outrage.

The former model, herself sick, has been dragged to court continuously despite massive swelling and visible wounds on her arms and legs.

She has also been denied access to her children for the past years by Chiwenga while the courts have been dragging to accept her pleas to be given her passport and allowed treatment outside the country.

The two fell out two years after the November 2017 coup which she celebrated.

Her “doctored” divorce with ex-Warriors footballer Shingi Kawondera and celebration of the Chiwenga led military takeover has divided public opinion on how her case should be handled as some argue she is getting what she deserves.