Masarira condemns police brutality, calls for peaceful conflict resolution after CCC activists arrest

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By Tinei Tuhwe

LEAD President Linda Masarira has spoken out against the recent violence between police and youths at Jameson Timba’s house in Avondale, resulting in 80 arrests during the International Day of the African Child commemorations.

In an X post, Masarira said that the use of force and the arrest of the youths was unnecessary and excessive.

“As the President of LEAD, I am deeply disturbed by the recent events that transpired at Jameson Timba’s House in Avondale, where over 70 youths were arrested by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) while commemorating the International Day of the African Child.

“The violence that ensued between the youth and police is utterly condemnable and has no place in our society,” she said.

Masarira urged the police to adopt a more nuanced approach and uphold the rule of law.

She further emphasized the need for peaceful conflict resolution.

“As a nation, we must learn to resolve conflicts through dialogue and peaceful means.

“Let us work together to build a nation that values peace, unity, and the well-being of all citizens. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and future generations to create a harmonious and prosperous Zimbabwe.

“The police should never be the enemies of the people; instead, they must work to build trust and ensure public safety.”

Timba and 79 party activists have been remanded in custody until this Wednesday despite demanding their immediate release, arguing that they were detained beyond 48 hours.

A minor among the suspects was released into the guardian’s custody.