Masarira says politicians abusing people’s poverty to gain support

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By Staff Reporter

EXPELLED MDC-T spokesperson Linda Masarira has accused the country’s political leaders of using massive poverty in the country to manipulate suffering masses for political support.

The outspoken pro-democracy activist turned MDC-T politician was speaking just a few days since her expulsion from the opposition party for donning Zanu PF regalia.

“In this current Zimbabwe, people are manipulated through excessive use of propaganda to make political choices which do not benefit their livelihoods anyhow.

“Political leaders both in the ruling party and the main opposition have used poverty to control the electorate’s voting pattern,” Masarira said in an interview with

Following her sacking, Masarira declared she was never going to join any political party although she said she was, “working on a new political ideology that works for the people of Zimbabwe.”

She blasted the country’s main political parties for double standards.

“The MDC would rather have sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe so that they are impoverished and cultivate protest votes whilst Zanu PF, which enjoys the rural vote, makes no effort whatsoever to develop and empower people living in the rural areas,” she said.

She added, “For the past two decades, political party leaders have successfully used people’s poverty to achieve their selfish agendas.”

Masarira said one did not need to wield political power to transform people’s livelihoods.

She said greed, corruption and selfishness has destroyed the social fabric in Zimbabwe and that she learnt a lot of valuable lessons during the past three years she had been actively involved in mainstream politics.

“Amongst the political leaders we have in Zimbabwe, most of them are in it for the benefits, not for any form of transformation of people’s livelihoods or national development.

“Few politicians in Zimbabwe really care for the masses. It’s about individualism and self-aggrandisement.

“Don’t be made poor, and don’t let your poverty be exploited all for the benefit of power-hungry individuals. Don’t fight for anyone because no one is fighting for you,” she said.