Mashingaidze takes over from Cuthbert Dube

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ZIFA CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze is the new interim leader of the beleaguered national association and will remain in power until elections are held on or before December 5.
Mashingaidze replaces his boss Cuthbert Dube, who resigned late Friday and stated he would remain in office until December 5.
But on Saturday, 51 of the 54 councillors voted that Dube and his board immediately leave office, hoping that they (councillors) would appoint an interim committee.
But again they fell short of the provisions of the constitution as the chief executive, as the head of the secretariat, assumes power if a sitting president leaves, resigns, suspended or booted out.
Also booted out on Saturday are board members John Phiri, Fungai Chihuri and Tawengwa Hara.
Three other board members, vice president Omega Sibanda, board member (finance) Bernard Gwarada and women football boss Mirriam Sibanda had already been suspended from the board for manoeuvres to oust Dube in May and July.
Premier Soccer League chairman Twine Phiri, who is now favourite to assume the role of interim Zifa president at the next election until the next election in 2018, remains on the rather dysfunctional board by virtue of representing a constituency.
The interim leader of women football Elizabeth Langa is also on the board.
Speaking to journalists after the meeting that was eventually held at Prince Edward High School, Dube said he had run his race and it was time he rested.
“As you can see, I am a happy man. It’s actually better for me now; I will get a bit of rest.
“I have run my race and it’s for others to take over. I have no hard feelings whatsoever. What I know is I have left a bit of legacy in that the Zifa Village was completed from nothing,” Dube said.
Having lost his Waterfalls house on Friday over a Zifa debt, Dube did not mince his words, making it clear that he would knock at Zifa’s door to get his money back.
“As I speak, I have this agreement, the association owes me $918 049, 30 and I will be knocking at their doors as early as tomorrow,” he said.
Mashingaidze was mandated, as per the Zifa constitution, to work hand-in-hand with the electoral committee to see to it that the elections were conducted and a new board put in place.
But there was little to rejoice for the councillors as Fifa Member Associations head Primo Corvaro clearly stated that Zimbabwe will not get any financial assistance from the world football governing body due to failure to present audited financial accounts.Advertisement

He added that Zimbabwe’s problems went beyond Dube.
“Whoever is going to take over has to be strong. Zimbabwe will not be getting any financial assistance from Fifa and I can for see football disappearing soon if you are not careful,” he said.
“It’s good you still have the domestic league which still has got a few sponsors.
“The reason why you guys will not be getting funds is simple, — your association has for the past years failed to provide to Fifa yearly audited reports and for such a case, we cannot continue giving you money.
“The new leadership has to quickly pay auditors so they can release the yearly reports, as well as settling some of your important debts which might affect your progress as a nation.
“I am not saying the general assembly should not have removed Dube, no, but what I am saying is our issues are far beyond a leadership crisis,” he said.