‘MaShurugwi’ Hack Mvuma Gold Buyer To Death

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

A gold buyer was on New Year’s Day struck to death by three machete-wielding men in Mvuma before they stole US$700 from him, police have confirmed.

According to a memorandum from Mvuma police dated January 1, 2020, the deceased, Marko Dube of MEK Syndicate Mine in Mvuma, died on the spot after he was hacked to death by three men brandishing machetes.

“The now deceased was a gold buyer and had a hammer mill at MEK Syndicate Mine, Mvuma,” the police memo reads.

“On the 1st day of January 2020 at about 0645 hours, the informant Loius Seremwe, was at (a) plot number (in) Mvuma. The informant then heard a voice screaming for help in the nearby thick bush approximately 150 metres away from his homestead.

“The informant then got outside his house and saw the now deceased running towards his house at a distance of about 100 metres being pursued by the three unknown accused persons and one of the accused persons was putting on a red T-Shirt, the other accused person was putting on complete black casual clothing and the last accused person was wearing dark clothing.

“The three accused persons then caught the deceased at a distance of approximately 100 metres away from the homestead and started striking the deceased several times all over the body with machetes. They then searched the now deceased and left him lying helpless on the ground. Accused persons ran towards the nearby thick bush disappeared into the bush,” the police said.

Seremwe went to the scene and discovered that Dube was was still alive and the now deceased managed to advise the informant to call an uncle in Kadoma and inform the uncle that he had been robbed US$700-00 and struck with machetes.

Dube requested for water to drink before he passed on.

Seremwe filed a report at Mvuma police station and upon arrival, the police discovered Dube had four deep cuts on the head, on the right cheek, left leg, left hand elbow and left hand palm. No arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has given a directive to all provincial public prosecutors to oppose the granting of bail in criminal cases of violence involving the use of machetes.

“We have noted with concern the upsurge in the number of cases of violence involving the use of machetes,” the NPA Director of Public Prosecutions, Justin Uladi wrote in the memo to provincial public prosecutors.

“In a bid to stamp out the scourge, you are hereby directed to oppose bail and to request custodial sentences in the event of convictions in all such cases.”

Last week, Wonder Hokoyo, a police officer, was hacked to death by a group of artisanal gold miners wielding machetes at a mine in Battlefields, Kadoma. Scores of suspected miners have been arrested in connection with the murder.