‘Mashurugwi’ kill armed police officer during Kadoma mine invasion

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By Anna Chibamu

A JUNIOR police officer was killed when a machete wielding gang, commonly referred to as Mashurugwi, attacked some armed police details who were guarding a Kadoma mine owned by an ally to President Emmerson Mnangagwa Saturday afternoon.

In a memorandum, police have reported the death of Constable Wonder Hokoyo (27) after a vicious attack by the gang at Good Hope Mine Brompton owned by former Muzvezve MP Peter Haritatoes.

According to police at Battlefields, Hokoyo and four of his colleagues were deployed at the mine after reports of a gold rush and invasion of the mine by the gang.

The unknown number of suspects, who are still at large, had allegedly invaded the mine armed with machetes, catapults and axes.

Hokoyo and his colleagues who were guarding the property reacted to the invasion through firing into the air, warning shots which were ignored by the gang.

The slain police officer was attacked with a log and fell to the ground as the gang overpowered the officers.

The gang, according to police, further attacked other officers who fled the mine fearing for their lives.

However, Hokoyo was not so lucky as he was struck all over his body with machetes and axes.

“Hokoyo later died of injuries sustained during the attack as his body was found in a pool of blood near the mine shafts,” reads the police memo.

“He sustained a broken left leg, broken right knee, a deep cut on the head and a swollen head was observed.”

His body was taken to Kadoma General Hospital morgue.

Another officer only identified as Constable Kamhuka is admitted at Kadoma Hospital and is reportedly in a stable condition.

Police recovered some weapons which included the log, two FN rifles with magazines of 2 and 3 rounds.

The machete wielding gangs have been causing havoc in the country and government seems to be failing to control the militia-like men who are killing people in mining communities confiscating gold by force from artisanal miners.

Promises for stiffer penalties on those convicted have been promised but Norton MP Temba Mliswa says government officials mostly in Zanu PF who control some mining claims have a hand in the attacks.