Mass protests over poor governance looms 

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By Mary Taruvinga, Senior Reporter

CIVIC society organisations (CSOs) are planning on massive street protests against the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government as the economic crisis worsens, this publication has learnt.

The chairperson of Zimbabwe civic society organisations mother body, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Peter Mutasa, said arrangements are on course.

This time, they are planning on going on the streets after an intended country shutdown hit a snag last week.

Mutasa said the current situation calls for action.

“We are building consciousness, on the different sectors, of the need to unite and mobilise for collective action in order to push for urgent economic,  social and political reforms.

“The crisis has deepened and citizens must exercise their urgency and seek progressive reforms, “ Mutasa said.

He added, “The Zimbabwean problem is  a crisis of governance. It can only be resolved through a united active citizenry exercising its constitutional rights, including the right to petition,  protest and freedom of expression.

“Citizens must not wait for periodic elections, but must use their collective power to force the government to reform.

“So we do not have a date yet and we are calling for all progressive forces to unite, coordinate and come up with dates  and program of action.”

Mutasa said for citizens, there is no substitute for people power.

Of late, the opposition and human rights groups dreaded going on the streets having witnessed abuses including arrests, detentions, beatings and the stalking of activists ahead of the previously planned protests.

Tensions are rising in Zimbabwe as the economy implodes.

In the latest series of widely criticised economic missteps, Mnangagwa introduced new measures that have left businesses stuck,  while food and other basic commodities have become inaccessible for many.

Annual inflation accelerated in April to 96% amid a weakening of the local currency in recent weeks.