Masvingo cops jailed for motorist assault

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By Masvingo Correspondent

TWO Masvingo police officers who took the law into their own hands and assaulted a motorist for failing to pay a spot fine have been jailed for five months each.

Tendai Mukuyahundi (30), and Petros Kasuso (40) attached to the police’s traffic section were initially jailed for eight months by Masvingo Magistrate Patience Madondo

However, three months of their prison terms each was conditionally suspended for five years.

Court heard that the two law enforcers assaulted a Dairibord Zimbabwe driver, Evanes Magudhu (32) on 19 January 2017 after he had failed to pay a spot fine for defects on his vehicle.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that the two police officers were manning a roadblock near Aminus Business Centre along the Masvingo-Mutare Highway when they stopped Magudhu, who was driving towards Mutare.

Court heard that the two were part of a team of four Highway Police patrol officers who then demanded Magudhu’s driver’s licence which he handed over.

The police officers then inspected Magudhu’s vehicle and discovered that one of the vehicle’s trailer stop lights and number plate light were not working.

They then demanded that Magudhu pay a $20 spot fine for the defects on his vehicle and he indicated that he had no money on him.

Court was told that the police officers then detained the driver at the roadblock for almost six hours while holding on to his driver’s licence.

It was the State’s case that when the officers were about to knock off duty they got into the police car intending to drive off prompting Magudhu to take a picture of the officer’s car number plate with an intention of making up a follow up on his driver’s licence.

This incensed Mukuyahundi and Kasuso, who then disembarked from the car and assaulted Magudhu, tearing his T-shirt in the process while demanding to know why he had taken pictures of their vehicle.

The duo then offered Magudhu $10 to replace his torn T-shirt before driving off.

Magudhu made a report at Masvingo Central Police Station leading to the pair’s arrest.