‘Mat North’s Cleanliness Attracting Investment’: Mohadi

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

LUPANE: Former Vice President Kembo Mohadi says Matabeleland North province is favoured by the government because of its cleanliness which helps attract investment.

Speaking in the provincial capital, Lupane Friday, Mohadi who led a clean-up exercise in the provincial capital urged other provinces
to emulate Matabeleland North in maintaining cleanliness.

“Matabeleland North is the hub to some of Zimbabwe’s most beautiful sites for tourism and commercial activities. Even the most cultural of our people are found here. Even the Big Five (wild animals) are found here. That is how rich this province is,” said Mohadi.

He said a clean environment is a fountain of life and prosperity.

“Matabeleland North is attracting a lion’s share of investments
because you are generally a clean province.

“Nobody can invest in a dirty country. Nobody will travel to a dirty country for holiday making. I doubt. Even those who are dirty, naturally crave a clean environment,” Mohadi, who is now Zanu PF Vice President, said while addressing the local community and government officials.

The national clean-up was launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2018.

Mohadi said the clean-up campaign was part of an inspiring history of the country.

“At the very early stages of his leadership, our (Zanu PF) First Secretary (Mnangagwa) was very clear about the relationship between a clean environment and economic transformation.

“He thus initiated a vigorous clean-up campaign only to be slowed down by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In his foresight, the president realised that without a clean environment there would be no real economy or politics to talk
about,” he said.

Matabeleland North Provincial Minister Richard Moyo said the province was clean because it had been participating in the
national clean-up since its launch.

“I am proud to highlight that a number of centres in the province have graduated in terms of cleanliness. As the tourism hub of Zimbabwe we are fully committed to the province to grow the cleanliness agenda as we drive our beloved country towards Vision 2030,” he said.

“It remains the mandate of each and one of us to make sure that our surroundings are ever clean.”

Environment Deputy Minister Barbara Rwodzi said the focus should be on promoting recycling and improving management of solid waste to promote a clean, safe and healthy environment.