Matemadanda warns youths against use as violence tools by politicians

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By Staff Reporter

ZANU PF political commissar and deputy Defence Minister Victor Matemadanda has warned youths risked being tormented by avenging spirits if they offered themselves as tools of violence by power-hungry politicians.

He was addressing students at Kwekwe Polytechnic College recently.

“It is the thrust of the new dispensation to transfer a legacy of leadership values despite political affiliations because the future belongs to the country’s youths…the future is in the hands of the youths.”

Matemadanda urged youths to be wary of politicians who were out to use them to further their political agenda.

“Be wary of some veteran politicians; they will destroy you and the impact will still be felt even after we have long died.

“Most of you, you don’t have money, but you have needs. Politicians can abuse you for a laptop that you will never get,” he said.

Matemadanda said youths must never allow themselves to be used to kill political opponents.

“You will be told to eliminate political enemies, but you don’t ask yourselves why the politician is sending us to do their dirty bidding; where are his children!”

Avenging spirits, Matemadanda warned, will only target the families of those who would have been sent to kill and not the culprit politicians.

The Zanu PF top official said there were some politicians who were hungry for power and would do anything to get it even when it is apparent they did not command any following on the ground.

“Political contestation manifest the kind of person you will be standing behind. Some politicians even without any support base, would still proceed to get into an election in which they end up getting only two votes.

“The fact that they garner two votes is a sign that only two minds believe in them but unfortunately they will not accept the poll results.

“What do these politicians do; they will then turn to the youths and incite them to foment violence.”