Mavetera blunders…again; X users say former ICT Minister Mandiwanzira tricked and exposed her  

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By Staff Reporter

RECENTLY appointed ICT Minister Tatenda Mavetera, who just over a month ago was described as clueless has once again blundered, having struggled to repeat to her X followers simple responses she gave in Parliament Wednesday.

Mavetera became a victim of social media onslaught after bungling up her first interview as ICT Minister last month. Her posts on X have also ensured her credentials are constantly questioned.

She plagiarised two of her posts on ICT from billionaire Bill Gates and software developer Matt Mullenweg which X and WhatsApp users extensively shared.

This time around, the Chikomba West Member of Parliament (MP) had attempted to summarise her contributions in the August House having been presented with questions by Zanu PF legislator Supa Mandiwanzira, who once held her office.

Mandiwanzira had asked whether billionaire technology giant Elon Musk’s Starlink had been licensed for operation in Zimbabwe.

“I responded that Zimbabwe abides by its rules and regulations, respects the sovereignty and dignity of its leadership,” said Mavetera in a response that has managed 93,500 views.

“The Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2022, better known as the Patriotic Act of May 2023, together with the Cyber and Data Protection Act, are the legal mechanisms that enable Zimbabwe to tackle any sensitive or abusive content that may harm or damage the national interest and reputation of our leaders. Elon Musk should follow our country’s rules and regulations. Zimbabwe is ready to cope with the influence of Starlink and X.”

Netizens have been making fun of her response, with some arguing she is driving them to question her capacity.

“The response is all mixed up nyama nederere same plate idyai handiti munozvida here kkk. She has a long way to go and maybe she has to assign a competent someone to handle her X otherwise tinongozoti akambopinda sei?” said Charles Magagada.

Exiled former Minister Walter Mzembi suggested Mandiwanzira help her in a comment that bordered on mockery.

“I am trying to understand your response but I have completely failed. Is it possible for people like Mandiwanzira, a former ICT Minister himself to help by not prompting you on the floor with these riddles or at least warn you that he is gonna ask you this question in Parliament? Ane misakanzwa Super uyu kikklkkk.

“Hahahaha musatsamwa she is not my enemy, maybe she needs someone to handle her X posts. A sidekick professional. Ministers type with their hearts. Been there b4!”

Mavetera’s summary, which seemed not to make sense, was in direct contradiction to her clear and direct response in Parliament on the same Starlink issue.

“Starlink is a company that has shown interest, but we are still waiting upon POTRAZ to be guided by the regulations that guide us in this country,” she had said.

“We need to follow all the procedures and protocols that we are supposed to adhere to as a country and that is what we are waiting for.  However, as for now, they have not paid any fees though they have shown interest.  So, they have not yet adhered to our rules and regulations.”