Mavhaire reassures market on blend

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ENERGY minister Dzikamai Mavhaire says government has taken measures to ensure that Zimbabwe continues to access blended fuel on the market through a cocktail of measure to ensure that there was no shortage on the market.
Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Mavhaire said the measures included licensing of Triangle Limited to augment ethanol supplies for a period of three months and relation of the blending levels from E15 to E10 until adequate stocks of ethanol were built.
“I am confident that these measures should ensure that adequate supplies of blended fuel are available on the market as the relaxed levels of mandate,” said Mavhaire.
“The subsiding of the rains in Chisumbanje will see supply going up to the required levels with time. The ministry will continue to keep a close eye on the production of ethanol with a view to make the necessary adjustments for the public not to be inconvenienced,” he said.
The government of Zimbabwe adopted the blending of anhydrous ethanol with unleaded petrol in 2012 with the objective of import substitution, job creation and environmental protection.
Mavhaire said he set out the implementation of this program in line with the Energy Policy and the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).
In terms of supply of the ethanol for mandatory blending, government through the Agricultural and Rural development Authority (Arda) entered into a joint venture agreement with Green Fuel Private Limited to ensure sustainable supply of the feed stock to the mill.
The supply of ethanol to meet the mandated fuel blend at E15 has therefore not been enough.Advertisement