Mavima Challenges Business To Help Less Fortunate

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By Idah Mhetu

SOCIAL Welfare Minister Paul Mavima Friday challenged the business community to develop a culture of giving back to the community.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting with the aged at Bako Redonhodzo Old People’s home in Highfields, Harare, Mavima urged the business community donate to the less fortunate and not wait for government to provide assistance when they have the money to help out.

“The challenge is to the business community if only we had companies such as Delta Beverages who come and partner with these homes and donate a certain amount per month, it can make a huge difference or even drill boreholes and solar panels that is a good investment which can make a huge difference,” said Mavima.

“I am calling for a spirit of philanthropy on the part of our business people, and I am calling for a spirit of giving back to the communities that raised us and that spirit is in short supply in our country, we need to increase it as much as possible, this is time for us to come together as Zimbabweans and solve some of these problems collaboratively,” he added.

Mavima said the business community and citizens cannot wait for the government to help the people at the welfare homes, since government was also struggling economically.

He also urged individuals to introduce endowments whereby they include charity on their wills.

“We cannot just wait for the government to provide everything especially in this period of a contracted tax base for the government.

“Even the private citizens keep hefty bank accounts which they do not even know what to do with the money.

“What is the use of accumulating wealth and you do not look back and help your fellow human beings. Why don’t you introduce endowments?” he added.