Mayor found not guilty for bashing Town Clerk

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO magistrate, Tinashe Tashaya Tuesday acquitted Bulawayo city council Deputy Mayor, Tinashe Kambarami and Ward Four councillor Silas Chigora following trial for allegedly assaulting Bulawayo Town Clerk Christopher Dube.

Kambarami and Chigora were jointly accused of assaulting Dube while serving him with his suspension letter.

Magistrate Tashaya acquitted the two councillors on assault charges following an application for discharge by their lawyer Maqhawe Mpofu of Sam Mlaudzi and Partners.

Tashaya discharged Kambarami and Chigora at the close of the State’s case.

Prosecutor Marufu Moyo told the court that on the 11th of July 2019 at about 1430 hours, the two councillors approached Dube at his office at City Hall with the intent to serve him with a letter of suspension.

“The two accused persons were in the company of other councillors namely Felix Mhaka, Clayton Zana, Tawanda Ruziwe, Pilate Moyo, Lilian Mlilo, Batirayi Dube and (Frank) Jabangwe.

“During the process of serving the complainant, an argument ensued between the two parties as the complainant refused to be served with the suspension letter,” the prosecutor told court.

He said the argument resulted in the two city fathers teaming up and assaulting Dube all over the body using fists, open hands and booted feet.

“The other above mentioned councillors joined in pushing and shoving the complainant out of his office,” Moyo further told the court.

The prosecutor said as a result of the alleged assault, the Town Clerk sustained some injuries and was referred to the hospital where a medical report was compiled.

The two accused were out of custody on a $50 bail each.