MDC Alliance Celebrates Kwekwe Deputy Mayor Post

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By Staff Reporter

FOLLOWING  the recall of MDC Alliance Mayor Angeline Kasipo in Kwekwe and failing to land the mayoral post in an election Thursday, the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance is blowing trumpets for landing a less influential deputy mayoral post, after the Douglas Mwonzora MDC-T landed the lofty position.
Mwonzora top ally Future Titora beat Charles Juta to become the city’s mayor while Pikurai Msipha of the MDC-A won became the city’s deputy mayor, replacing Melody Chingarande.
“Fellow Kwekwe residents, fellow Midlanders, fellow Zimbabweans, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the people’s deputy Mayor, Pikurayi Msipha. We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate him on his election to represent the people, and for remaining resolute and resilient amidst persecution of the people’s elected leadership by our erstwhile comrades who out of bitterness, hate, malice, desperation and vengeance have chosen to go to bed with the people’s foe and oppressor. We believe and trust in the leadership of our newly elected deputy mayor as like many other leaders he has been championing pro-poor policies as directed by the MDC Alliance founding values and manifesto,” MDC Alliance Midlands Provincial deputy spokesperson Searchmore Muringani said.
“To Kwekwe residents, we call upon you all to remain resolute and resilient, to give him and other colleagues all your support as you have always done to the leadership. It is through your will power and strength that the people’s mandated leadership has always weathered all storms. Special salutations go to all councillors who took it upon themselves to cast their votes in tune with the will of the ratepayers even though they have and will continue to face harrassment, threats and persecution,”  he said.
He added: “The people know their army and an army that is fully backed by the masses does not fear to approach an adversary no-matter how powerful. In 2018 the will of the people prevailed and gave mandate to the people’s party MDC Alliance to be in charge of the affairs of the Kwekwe City  till the 2023 elections. However along the way a divergent agenda sponsored by the anti-people insurgents within our movement led to the recall of the people’s  Mayor, Angeline Kasipo, and the Deputy Mayor, Melody Chingarande.  Indeed the people of Zimbabwe have been persecuted and affected more by the recalls because they are left with no representation at various levels of governance, thus diminishing the people’s voice and choice in governance and representation. Less than a month ago borrowed power was abused by the MDC-T that recalled the people’s councillors. However, the councillors can’t be recalled from the hearts of the masses whom they have served with honour, dignity, distinction and sacrifice,” he said.
Muringani said MDC-T must not remain comfortable using borrowed power.
“To our erstwhile comrades in MDC-T, we take this opportunity to remind you that  no-matter how much you will try to destroy centres of excellence using borrowed power from an oppressor of the people, the will and desire in the people will never be compromised and shall prevail always. In the same vein, never forget that in the political power matrix, muscle gained outside the will of the people and from a top brass that is alienated from the people, will never last at all. Its worthy to be indispensable from people’s hearts than to be a tool of convenience and expediency in frustrating democracy and egalitarianism. Borrowed power is temporary and has consequences. No amount of force, manipulation and chicanery can stop an idea whose time is up. The people need service delivery and servant leadership, and as MDCA will provide both,” he said.