MDC Alliance cries foul over bussed new Zanu PF voters

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By Alois Vinga

MDC Alliance has demanded explanation from the Zimbabwe Elections Commission (ZEC) on how hordes of ruling party supporters have been bussed to register as voters ahead of the Kwekwe Central by-election.

Speaking to Sunday, MDC Alliance deputy secretary for elections Ellen Shiriyedenga expressed concern over what she felt was the importation of voters into a constituency once represented by the now President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We are concerned about the high influx new voters with truckloads of people being bussed to register at the Kwekwe District offices by Zanu PF.  These clandestine voter registrations are clearly meant to balloon the Zanu PF votes for the pending Kwekwe central by-election,” she said.

Shiriyedenga demanded an independent audit of the Kwekwe Central voters roll and those of other places where by-elections were due.

“There must be a list of the newly registered persons, constituencies where they have been transferred from, the reasons for the transfer, address and residence qualifications in Kwekwe Central and evidence that the new registrants are bona fide Kwekwe residents,” she said.

The remarks come just after the MDC Alliance National Council received a comprehensive briefing on the developments in the Midlands province.

“The demand for free, fair and credible electoral processes that accords with the constitutional standard and for the wholesale reform of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the electoral playing field was reaffirmed.

“The council received a report on malpractices by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in the Midlands Province. Steps will be taken to hold ZEC to account,” the party said in a communique.