MDC Alliance parties to merge structures ahead of elective congress

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Bulawayo Correspondent

The MDC Alliance is finalising the integration of structures and assets from in the Alliance’s seven political parties, ahead of the main opposition’s elective congress set for not later than October this year.

The Alliance, which comprises mostly party splinter groups from the original MDC of 1999, was formed 2017 as a united front to challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF in last year’s general elections.

MDC Alliance co-Vice President, Welshman Ncube told Tuesday that they were confident the merger will be completed in time for congress.

“The MDC Alliance is in the process of amalgamating the structures of all the seven political parties which constitute the MDC Alliance,” said Ncube, who headed the MDC formation which parted ways with the mainstream party back in 2005.

“It becomes necessary to integrate the structures at all levels. Obviously, we have started this process which is why there has been partial integration at national level.”

Ncube also said they expected leaders from other political parties within the alliance to also be integrated within national structures.

“We have leaders in the Alliance parties who have been integrated into a single political structure at national level.

“There are other leaders in the seven parties who have not been integrated. We hope they will be integrated at whatever level. It is possible to integrate,” said the former industry minister.

Ncube, who is the original MDC’s founding secretary general, said the alliance was also in the process of integrating members at district, ward as well as branch levels.

“We want to ensure that everybody who was or is in the seven political partys lands somewhere by the time this exercise is over.

“But most importantly, we are in the process of building our branches because we believe that the backbone and foundation of any political organisation are the branches at community level and that is work in progress,”

“The target is of course by the time the congress is called for not later than October this year which is the due date of the congress, we would have completed this exercise so that we can go to congress with fully integrated structures,” said Ncube.

He also said the Alliance was also in the process of integrating the parties’ assets.

“The assets of the seven parties which include offices and vehicles will be integrated into one common pool of the integrated party,” added Ncube.

Some of the Alliance’s principals who are still to be accommodated into the bloc‘s national structures include Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume and ZimPF leader Agrippa Mutambara.