MDC claims govt crackdown plot amid party protest threats

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By Staff Reporter

MDC claims the country’s security organs were plotting a crackdown on party leaders to forestall planned protests the main opposition was threatening against the under fire Emmerson Mnangagwa led administration.

This was said in a Thursday statement by party deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka.

“A meeting held by JOC early this week had put in place elaborate plans to abduct and torture MDC leaders and party youths in the various townships in Harare so as to engender fear in the country in a desperate bid to stop Zimbabweans from engaging in peaceful action to express their displeasure at the parlous economic situation,” he said.

But Tamborinyoka said Zimbabweans tired of living in poverty and repressive conditions caused by the Zanu PF regime were ready for action.

He warned no machete wielding gang will not block Zimbabweans from their resolve.

The MDC spokesperson said Mnangagwa’s government was plotting nationwide terror tactics and abductions in an attempt to intimidate its followers.

“Zimbabweans are ready for action,” he said.

“No machete or wicked plan will stop our plan. Our uniformed forces who can hardly afford a meal are ready for action. Villagers, civil servants, lecturers, students and farmers are ready. The unemployed youths are ready. Our elderly people are ready.

“No weapon fashioned against the people shall prosper. Intimidation and terror tactics will not work as everyone, including our uniformed forces are ready to take decisive action by confronting this illegitimate and clueless regime.

“No machete or wicked plan will stop an idea whose time has come.”

Tamborinyoka added, “Zimbabweans are determined to end their suffering. From Msampakaruma to Mandidzudzure, from Plumtree to Kanyemba, Zimbabweans are bracing for action. The people are determined to sonorously express themselves as the situation in the country gets more and more untenable.”

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa Tuesday said his party was ready to confront the Zanu PF regime, blamed for continued suffering by the majority.