MDC councillor aspirant for Chegutu urges voters to ditch Zanu PF’s ‘old’ leadership

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By Staff Reporter

CHEGUTU councillor aspirant Rydes Machekera has urged voters to dump Zanu PF’s aging leadership for allegedly displaying lack of vision but high appetite for looting and condemning the once prosperous country into a sorry case.

The MDC politician was speaking to ahead of the small town’s Ward 2 by-election set for 21 March.

Machekera said locals should not pin any more hope the country shall emerge from its current mess under an ‘old’ Zanu PF leadership.

“Leadership of the country needs to be given to young people because they have the vision. The old madalas of Zanu PF do not have the vision. What they only do is looting,” he said.

Machekera said there was urgent need to fix the governance culture in the country if people were to see their lives improve.

Turning to prospects of landing the council seat, the opposition politician said although he saw victory, he was not pleased with that Zanu PF was already engaged in a vote buying spree.

“The biggest challenge in this election is that Zanu PF is already into a vote buying spree,” he said.

“They are manipulating the electorate with freebies in these tough economic times.

“People are suffering due to the economic situation and they are using that as a vote buying gimmick.

“I am working to show the electorate and convince them that it’s the system that is rotten and we need to remove it and it’s not about this ward but nation.”

He added, “The economic conditions in the country have led me to have the drive to stand in the ward.

“My drive is not only about the Ward, but my drive is about removing Zanu PF’s bad governance that is there throughout the whole country.”