MDC Harare Councillors To Declare Assets

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

HARARE City councillors from the main opposition party MDC, will this month publicly declare their personal assets and businesses with the aim of “bringing transparency in their work”.

Harare mayor, Hebert Gomba confirmed that on 16 January, all MDC councillors would “conform to the MDC-Alliance’s desire to offer clean leadership that is consistent with the demands of the residents.”

“The declaration shows open leadership. It brings confidence to those we lead that we are a transparent institution,” Gomba told in an interview Thursday.

He said the councillors would also declare assets that were registered in the names of their spouses or proxies.

Commenting on the move, Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) director Precious Shumba said it was a welcome development for as long as all assets registered in other people’s names were declared publicly.    

“As Harare Residents Trust, we say this is a welcome development by the opposition MDC councillors declaring their assets publicly as this will also help in the fight against corruption,” said Shumba.

“However, this move will only be transparent if the MDC councillors and Mayor Gomba, also declare their personal and business assets registered in the name of their spouses and proxies.

“Because these people (spouses or proxies), are the ones that have been used in acquiring property corruptly and if this is done publicly then as residents, we will then be contented.”   

Harare City Council is made-up of 46 councillors. The MDC has 44 representatives while two are from Zanu PF. They were elected into office in 2018.

MDC councillors have in the past been linked to acts of corruption involving the grabbing of stands especially Harare and Chitungwiza.