MDC MPs walk out on Mnangagwa while delivering parly opening speech

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By Aidah Mhetu

MDC legislators Tuesday walked out of the house in the middle of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s official opening of parliament speech, insisting they did not recognise the legitimacy of a leader who was voted into office by the “Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and the Constitutional Court (ConCourt)”.

Led by their Vice President Morgan Komichi and National Chair Thabitha Khumalo, the MDC MPs demanded the inauguration of party leader Nelson Chamisa’s inauguration as state President.

Komichi was also adamant they were not going to sit through the entire address by an “illegitimate” leader.

“Mnangagwa is not the President of Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe did not vote for him but he was voted by the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) and the ConCourt only. The will of the people was not respected.

“Look at the economy. Things are getting worse, people are dying and Mnangagwa and his government do not seem to care.

“All this is happening because no one voted for him. Even the international committee is ignoring the situation because everyone knows he is not the President of Zimbabwe, but Nelson Chamisa is.

“So today, we have shown the world that we don’t respect Mnangagwa because no one voted (for him) but he is there because he has the power and the gun, so we will fight for our stolen vote.”

Komichi demanded the inauguration of Chamisa as President.

Khumalo also said Mnangagwa was illegitimate.

“Mnangagwa’s government is illegitimate,” she said.

“As the MDC party led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we are saying ED Mnangagwa is illegitimate.

“And we want him to prove to us how many votes he garnered,” Khumalo said.

The defiant opposition lawmakers broke into song, “ndikafunga vhoti yangu, ndinorara ndigere” (If I think about my stolen vote, I endure sleepless nights).


The MDC has vehemently refused to accept the July 30 election in which Mnangagwa scrapped through with a narrow victory against his main challenger Nelson Chamisa, who was MDC Alliance presidential candidate.

Last week the MPs heckled and booed Chief Justice Luke Malaba, calling him a “thief” after the top judge entered the House on his judicial robes to swear in returning Speaker Jacob Mudenda and other presiding officers.

The opposition MPs were angry with the top jurist for dismissing a poll petition which was placed by their leader Nelson Chamisa to challenge his controversial defeat to Mnangagwa in the July 30 elections.

ZEC chairperson Priscilla Chigumba, who was also in attendance, was subjected to the same humiliation until she was whisked out of Parliament by deputy Clerk of Parliament, Hellen Dingani.