MDC pressure group: ‘Cyclone Chamisa must be stopped’

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

THE opposition MDC, could be heading for another split following the emergency of a group viciously opposed to current leader Nelson Chamisa.

Fronted by former MDC Makoni West MP, Webber Chinyadza the group going by the code name Defending the Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy (DMTL) told a press briefing in Harare Wednesday that Chamisa is setting himself up to establish a dictatorship “worse than Mugabe’s rule.”

“We know that Zimbabwe is now a basket case in this global community because of his lack of democracy despite the immeasurable human and material resources which abounds in this country,” DMTL spokesperson Chinyadza said.

Tsvangirai died on Valentine’s Day last year triggering a violent power scrap within the opposition party won by Chamisa at the expense of a split with long serving vice president Thokozani Khupe.

Chinyadza accused Chamisa of undemocratic tendencies.

“We know that the negation of democracy and transparency have led the country to ruin.

“Hence Chamisa’s undemocratic practices and lack of transparency will only worsen the socio-economic plight of the majority of Zimbabweans and benefit a privileged few in the ruling elite,” the group said.

The MDC is preparing for its elective congress set for May 24 in Gweru, amid claims of “night congresses and manipulation of procedures” by the incumbent that reportedly forced secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora seen as the only possible candidate to challenge Chamisa pulling out in protest.

Chamisa has already been nominated by six provinces and looks set to be elected for his first full-term as party leader unopposed.

Added Chinyadza: “In short it is clear that Nelson Chamisa intends to steer the party into dictatorship worse off than that created by Robert Mugabe.”

The pressure group recently approached the High Court seeking an interdict to stop the MDC congress instead demanding an extra-ordinary congress which would mean the party using its 2014 structures.

“We are currently taking stock of what remains of the individuals and structures after the chaos and mayhem caused by Nelson Chamisa on the MDC party.

“We will undertake a thorough structures audit nationwide to establish the extent of the deleterious effects of the ‘Cyclone Chamisa’ after which we will go for an extra ordinary congress in terms of our constitution and using the 2014 party structures,” Chinyadza told journalists.

“We stand resolute in ensuring that Nelson Chamisa and his retinue of shameful followers are interdicted from holding a national congress under the auspices of the sanctified name of MDC, because he has mutated into some obnoxious formation which bears no resemblance to the party which ably led by the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.”

The pressure group also accused Zanu PF of “creating Chamisa” in order to maintain its stranglehold on power.

“We have always been aware that it was the viewed intention of the ruling party to create a one party state in Zimbabwe, however when that failed it decided to create conditions under which an implosion in the main opposition had to be.

“The undemocratic ascendency of its (Zanu PF) son Nelson Chamisa to the position of vice president, his capture of the MDC structures are clear testimonies to his grand to destroy the party from within,” the group said.