MDC shall have no extra-ordinary congress, declares Chamisa

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By Richard Chidza in Gweru

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has declared his party will not be dragged into an extra-ordinary as dictated by a recent High Court ruling ordering such.

In his acceptance speech at the just ended party congress in Gweru, Chamisa said the next time the MDC goes to an elective congress would be in 2024 when the tenure of the newly elected leadership lapses as per party constitution.

When MDC holds its congress 2024, Chamisa said, it would have been elected as the governing party a year before.

“There will not be a congress in the next five years. When next we meet, we will be coming from the government side of politics,” said Chamisa to deafening applause from party delegates.

Chamisa’s position dovetailed with resolutions made by the party’s congress in response to a High Court order early this month that declared his rise to the helm of the country’s biggest opposition party null and void.

The resolutions read to delegates by party national chairperson Tabitha Khumalo said the Gweru congress had addressed issues raised by Justice Edith Mushore.

“Congress noted the High Court judgment ordering the party to hold extra-ordinary congress and resolved that the necessity and requirements of such an extraordinary congress have been fully addressed by this congress,” Khumalo said.

Chamisa was elevated to vice president by the party’s founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai, now late, in 2016 before he outwitted his rivals to wrestle power when Tsvangirai died last year.

However, a Gokwe based party activist Elias Mashavira last year approached the High Court seeking an order to invalidate Chamisa’s “power grab” and won his case.

Chamisa has since appealed the decision, allowing him room to proceed with the just concluded elective process.

The MDC leader’s rise to power through an appointment by the party’s national council following Tsvangirai’s death was ratified by congress including the appointments and reappointments that he made effectively scoffing at Justice Mushore’s order invalidating these.