MDC slams ED for spending on ‘funny’ Mugabe museum

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By Idah Mhetu

THE MDC Tuesday slammed government for dedicating loads of taxpayers’ money to construct a burial shrine for late former President Robert Mugabe.

At a party media briefing, MDC secretary for health, Henry Madzorera said government was wasting money on building Mugabe’s mausoleum when ordinary Zimbabweans were suffering.

Madzorera, once the country’s health minister in the now defunct unity government, accused the Zanu PF led administration of failing to channel funds towards citizens’ health needs and instead, taking its officials for treatment in better managed hospitals abroad.

“They (government) know the diseases that are killing the people and how easily curable they are. But they would rather spend money on travel, treatment abroad and on building funny museums for the dead when in fact our people are suffering,” said Madzorera.

Mugabe died over a week ago in Singapore where he has been frequenting since his time as State leader to receive treatment for undisclosed ailments.

Authorities have elected to delay his burial for almost a month to allow time to construct a mausoleum in which his remains will be interred.

Government insists this was befitting of the country’s founding leader and liberation war hero who was elbowed out of his job by Mnangagwa with military assistance 2017.

Madzorera said there were many Zimbabweans who were dying through failure to acquire medicines which cost very little amounts.

“Imagine somebody dies because they cannot afford US$10. Remember US$10 can mean the difference between life saving medication and death and we are burying a lot of people who are dying for small amounts of money, yet we are blowing big amounts on corruption,” he said.

“Do you think those people (government officials) have you and I at heart.”

Madzorera’s sentiments appeared to be running contrary to the MDC leadership’s stance to celebrate the life of Mugabe despite all the transgressions the once powerful leader visited upon its ranks during his fierce rule.