MDC-T acknowledges primaries grievances, says to set up appeals committee

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THE MDC-T will establish an appeals committee to look into grievances raised by those who are crying foul over the primary elections which started a week ago, party chairman Morgan Komichi said on Friday.

Komichi would, however, not be drawn into divulging the number of complaints his office had received to date, telling New Zimbabwe that there were many issues that needed the attention of party leadership. He said those issues would be looked at after the primaries next week.

“So far elections have gone on well since we started last week. We had successful elections in Glen Norah, Mabvuku-Tafara, Harare West, Epworth, Chitungwiza, and Zengeza West. Challenges have been noted here and there of course. Where there is competition, there is bound to be fights. We are so far pleased with the way we have handled these elections.

“We have, so far, received quite a number of grievances from those who feel that they have been cheated but we are yet to look into their grievances starting next week. The party leadership will establish a committee that will resolve each and every raised issue in each ward or constituency. We do not want to have any hanging issues so we will thoroughly examine each complaint because we do not want our supporters to be disappointed.

“No imposition of candidates should be tolerated. Some people were using force. We will abide by what the appeals committee will say on those raised issues. If there is need for a re-run then, that will be the route take. We have to let people choose their representatives/leaders,” Komichi said.

He said the primary elections to choose councilors and parliamentary candidates for the 2018 harmonised polls scheduled for July are expected to end this Sunday.

These developments come after MDC-T members in the Midlands wrote to Komichi recently warning that grievances over the imposition of candidates stood to cause damage and possible defeat to the party.