MDC-T Bigwig Dumps Party Over Mnangagwa Law

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

A senior MDC-T official in Matebeleland North province has resigned in protest over party MPs’ endorsement of the Zanu PF sponsored Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 2.

The official, Noris Nyathi is the former deputy mayor for the resort city of Victoria Falls.

MDC-T MPs in the lower house and lately in the Senate, joined hands with Zanu PF MPs to vote for the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The changes, among other issues, include the scrapping of the running mate clause and public interviews for the promotion of judges as well as extending their term of office after reaching the retirement age of 70.

However, civil society organisations and other opposition political parties have been vocal in both their condemnation and rejection of the amendments.

Ordinary Zimbabweans have also rejected the proposed Bill, arguing the proposed law was all tailored to consolidate President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s grip on power.

Nyathi accused the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora of failing to condemn the government’s continued persecution of human rights and opposition activists.

“I write this letter to inform you that I am no longer a member of this party. My resignation is inspired by numerous factors, i.e. failure to protect the citizens of Zimbabwe,” he said in his resignation letter directed to MDC-T secretary-general Paurina Mpariwa.

“I consider it gross misconduct by our MPs, Senators including the presidium to give Zanu PF the needed two-thirds majority in order to pass the repressive Amendment Bill Number 2.

“This is a direct provocation to the electorate who are the custodians of the Constitution which you have amended without going through a consultative process.”

Nyathi added he was also annoyed by the MDC-T’s deafening silence on the crackdown of opposition and human rights activists.

“Your soft tone to the injustices perpetrated against the people of this nation leaves a lot to be desired. Secretary-General, as I indicated that I am from Matebeleland North, I also feel the party has nothing to do with this region as reflected in your list of the Standing Committee members.

“Your composition of top leadership does not reflect inclusiveness or nationalism. You continue to sideline the people of Matebeleland North from powerful positions like any other party headquartered in Harare,” said Nyathi.

He also rubbished the party’s December 2020 extraordinary congress which ushered in the current leadership arguing the chaotic elections were illegal as the majority of the people who participated were not bona-fide members of the MDC-T’s 2014 structures as ordered by the Supreme Court.

“I want to also speak to the implementation of the Supreme Court judgment. It is a fact that part of the 27th December congress delegates were not the proper structures as at February 2018. This whole process was carried out to consolidate power and control of Morgan (Richard Tsvangirai) House.

“In the spirit of democracy and integrity, the party was supposed to bring together all party members who were in the structures before the death of President Morgan Tsvangirai including those you regarded as your enemies. Your exclusion of other members was illegal, undemocratic, and selfish.”