MDC-T Defends 66 % Mwonzora Poll Victory Projection

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By Staff Reporter

MDC-T says its party leader Douglas Mwonzora always predicts his election victories and the 66 % poll victory projection for 2023 is not any daydreaming on the part of the ambitious politician.

Party spokesperson Witness Dube told Kwekwe reporters weekend that Mwonzora is going to cause a major upset come 2023 elections.

“We are two years away from the elections and we have a strategy towards the 66 %.

“We know all the election patterns in Zimbabwe; we are an opposition party which has been in existence since 1999 and had our first election in 2000.

“We have had five elections going into our 6th leg,” Dube said.

He said the Nyanga senator is an “electable candidate”.

“When we make projections of 66 %, we know what we are talking about.

“We have a strategy to turn around the fortunes of the party from what we were in 2018.

“I may not be at liberty to dissect and go all exactly on how that strategy is going to play out. We are still a distance from the elections, it’s unwise to do so.

“We have done our own pilot runs to see if it’s going to get us and gather us the votes that we want.

“We think our pilot tests reveal that once we implement it in full swing with the necessary resources to go with it; it’s a strategy that is going to get us around that figure,” he said.

Dube added, “It was not a figure that was fetched from the air, but we really did our work. Besides, president Mwonzora always predicts his victories and is never more than 5% shy from the target that he would have predicted.”

Mwonzora recently met President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House in an engagement that was criticised by his MDC Alliance rivals.

Dube defended his boss’s meeting with the Zanu PF leader.

“It’s not a secret meeting which took place between our president and the President of the Republic.

“This was a courtesy call on the President of the Republic from the leader of opposition in parliament.

“This is a common engagement between the governing party in many democracies. Julius Malema across the Limpopo does that with President Ramaphosa,” he said.