MDC-T follows Zanu PF example; opposition party to demand voter slips

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Staff Reporter

THE opposition MDC-T party led by Nelson Chamisa will demand voter registration confirmation from supporters who wish to take part in its internal polls, chairperson Morgan Komichi has said.

Chamisa and his supporters have been crying foul, accusing the ruling Zanu PF party of forcing rural villagers to produce registration slips from the biometric voter registration process.

But Komichi said while all party members are eligible to vote in the primary elections, there will be strict checks including demands to produce proof of registration as a voter in the ward or constituency one wants to take part in.

He added that the MDC-T is wary of infiltrators, vowing that the party would work hard to flush them out.

“We are careful not to be infiltrated by the enemy; so, we have put in place a very strict procedure on who not only becomes a candidate but also who gets to vote,” Komichi told

“All our members who appear on our books and all structures can vote in the primary elections. But to guard against bussing of members or infiltration by our opponents we will ask people to produce proof that they are registered to vote in the constituency or ward they want to vote in.”

He added that the MDC-T already has its roll of members ready effectively putting the lid on the possibility of candidates “hoarding party cards and giving them to non-members”.

“The MDC-T already has its internal voters’ roll. It’s not just any card-carrying member because we know these cards can be printed or unscrupulous individuals can buy these in bulk and issue them even to Zanu PF supporters.

That way we are prone to infiltration.”