MDC-T in talks with Alliance partners to weed out ‘weak’ parliamentary candidates

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THE MDC-T says it is working with Alliance partners to strengthen the list of candidates who will represent the coalition in the general election due in July.

Party national chairman, Morgen Komichi said while they “now have a list of our parliamentary candidates, who will represent the MDC T Alliance in the 2018 Elections,” more was still being done to solve lingering grievances.

“Our Alliance partners are fielding their candidates and we are working closely together to field the best candidate for the area. Negotiations are taking place among our Alliance Partners in areas where, for instance, our candidate is weak and an alliance candidate is strong, so that a stronger candidate will stand in such constituencies. In this process, we have also respected the women and youth quota,” said Komichi in a statement released Tuesday.

He added, “We concluded the consensus building process, and we attended to the consensus appeals. We then moved to the next level which was the holding of primary elections. We are pleased that our elections where conducted by an independent commission in a very democratic way. We are pleased as a party.”

According to him, the party is “currently dealing with all the primary elections appeals. The Appeals tribunal is ceased with these matters.”

He also said they were also “investigating allegations of violence” adding that “those who are found wanting will be penalised.”

“80% of the constituencies have been covered and we will be done with all the gap constituencies by this Saturday,” said Komichi.