MDC-T: Mugabe leaves Zimbabwe on autopilot

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The beleaguered Zanu PF regime faces inevitable collapse as a result of incessant political turmoil and rabid factionalism. The Zimbabwean economy has been neglected and it has now virtually collapsed. More than 90% of the people are now subsisting in the informal sector and at least two out of every three adults of employable age are vendors.
Poverty, penury and destitution have become the other of the day for the majority of the people. The wheels of the economy have since come off and Zimbabwe is now a fully-fledged failed state. Industries and commercial banks continue to close shop with each passing day, throwing thousands of people onto the streets. This is the endgame for the Zanu PF regime. Robert Mugabe’s days in office are numbered. The writing is on the wall.
There is a debilitating liquidity crunch as hundreds of businesses close shop every day, further reducing the tax base. The economy has virtually screeched to a halt and the majority of the people of Zimbabwe have been condemned to a life of poverty and unprecedented destitution. Robert Mugabe and his illegitimate Zanu PF regime are precariously hanging by a thread. The rogue and kleptocratic regime is completely clueless regarding what it should do to stop the economic haemorrhaging.
Corruption in both the public and private sectors has now reached unprecedented levels and everything that can go wrong has since gone wrong. It is on public record that between 2009 and 2013 during the GNU era, the MDC administration in government facilitated a double digit growth rate of the GDP. This strong economic growth rate came after the economy had just come out of hyperinflation thus demonstrating the MDC’s capacity to turn around the socio-economic status of this country within a very short period of time.
From July 31, 2013 after Zanu PF rigged the harmonised elections and established a gerontocracy (the combined age of the President and his two Vice-Presidents is a staggering 237 years!), the GDP plummeted to 1.8%. The discordant, confused and confusing as well   inconsistent policy trajectory of the Zanu PF regime is detrimental to attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). Zimbabwe has now become a pariah state.
There is an urgent need to rescue the situation. The MDC advocates for a raft of changes in the governance culture of this country so as to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.  To this end, the MDC calls for an immediate restoration of the following tenets of good and accountable public governance:Advertisement

A people-centred, efficient, transparent and accountable public governance system.
Full and prompt implementation of the new Constitution of Zimbabwe in order to restore public trust, accountability and the rule of law.
A people-centred stable mixed economy which will immediately bring prosperity, opportunities and create jobs for all Zimbabweans.
People-centred and transparent land and agrarian reforms that will be able to resolve the land question once and for all to ensure that no Zimbabwean will ever go hungry.
People-centred social services so as to deliver affordable and quality health care, education, electricity, clean water, infrastructural rehabilitation, social security, transport and communication.
People-centred national integration and reconciliation policy that will holistically and conclusively address the tragic and traumatising legacy of  Gukurahundi, Operation Murambatsvina as well as the gross human rights abuses that were committed during the Presidential run-off campaign of June 2008.

Issued by Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson