MDC-T Youth Assembly orders Gutu to reform, stop disrespecting Tsvangirai’s spokesman

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AS power struggles continue to haunt the MDC-T the party’s National Youth Assembly on Tuesday warned national spokesperson Obert Gutu to “reform” or risk facing “disciplinary action” from the National Council.
Due to MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai’s absence as he receives treatment for colon cancer in South Africa, the party has been subjected to serious squabbles as top leadership fight to replace their un-well boss.
During a press conference held at Harvest House on Tuesday, youth national chairman, Happymore “Bvondo” Chidziva, warned Gutu to desist from supporting another party other than MDC-T thereby contradicting party position.
He said Gutu should stop issuing statements which are contrary to the party position and bringing the MDC-T into disrepute, indiscipline, failing to articulate and respect the Presidential spokesperson by undermining his role.
“We have strongly resolved to warn Obert Gutu to reform or else to face the National Council decision. To be fore warned is fore armed,” Chidziva said.
Recently, Gutu dismissed Vice President Nelson Chamisa’s appointment as the MDC-T acting president taking over from Co-VP Elias Mudzuri who insisted that Tsvangirai had appointed him to the position.
The MDC-T leadership has now begun a series of meetings to bring together the rival party members together under one interim Acting president to be endorsed by the National Council on Thursday.
According to Tamborinyoka, in a statement on Tuesday, Thursday’s Extra-ordinary Council meeting will endorse Acting President as Interim president and presidential election candidate.