MDC-T youths warn defiant Khupe

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MDC-T youths have warned deputy president Thokhozani Khupe to stop undermining the authority of party leader Nelson Chamisa and betraying the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s vision of an opposition alliance.

Khupe has refused to recognise Chamisa’s assumption of the party presidency following the death of the Tsvangirai last month. The founding MDC-T leader succumbed to a long battle against colon cancer in South Africa.

Addressing multitudes of supporters at an MDC Alliance rally in Gweru Sunday youth assembly chair Happymore Chidziva said they “were very angry with Khupe’s conduct”.

“We are giving warning shot to Khupe. She must stop it! We don’t want anyone who will betray the vision of our founding president Morgan Tsvangirai.”

Chidziva’s warning came a day after Chamisa told party supporters in Kwekwe Saturday that he was now running out of patience with Khupe.

The defiant former deputy premier held a parallel rally in Bulawayo.

“I am growing impatient with her shenanigans. She must not try my patience because I have tried to engage her,” said Chamisa.

“If she wants to test me I will show her who is in charge. If she continues to be uncooperative she will leave us with no choice but to take appropriate action.”

Meanwhile, Chidziva speaking in Kwekwe Saturday said the party leadership “must descend heavily on people who are working against the alliance”.

“The leadership must weed out those elements who are working to derail the alliance train.

“We are not going to be victims of political violence. We are not going to allow violence. We are not going to be victims of a rigged election.”

He also warned that the country will be ungovernable if the ruling Zanu PF party rigs elections which President Emmerson Mnangagwa said would be held in July.

“We are not going to allow a rigged electoral outcome. If we are rigged this country will be ungovernable,” said the MDC-T youth leader.