MDC youths in flash demonstration

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By Thandiwe Garusa/Ebenezer Sibanda

POLICE and security services were Friday caught out after MDC youths stormed the capital in a flash demonstration that took them to Parliament where they left their placards with all sorts of messages.

About 50 youths rushed through Nelson Mandela Avenue from their party headquarters before gathering at Parliament where leader Obey Sithole gave a short speech demanding jobs and calling on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to address the country’s economic problems.

“We are denied the right to demonstrate by the government and police but it in the Constitution that we must demonstrate and this is the reason we did not inform the police,” said Sithole.

This comes weeks after authorities issued five prohibition orders that were upheld by the High Court stopping the MDC from staging mass demonstrations in five cities across the country.

The party led by Nelson Chamisa had planned to begin the series of demonstrations with one on 16 August in Harare.

Sithole said if Mnangagwa fails to address their concerns then he must step down.

“We are here to say Emmerson Mnangagwa if you cannot create jobs for the youth of Zimbabwe you better go, create room for better Zimbabwe, this is the beginning we shall continue doing this till there is change,” the MDC youth national chairperson said.

“Right now we don’t have electricity because government is corrupt to an extent of stealing water in the Kariba dam.”

The youths chanted slogans and sang songs accusing Mnangagwa of being responsible for exposing Zimbabweans to xenophobia in South Africa.