MDC youths vow govt confrontation if Chamisa loses vote

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By Staff Reporter

FIREBRAND MDC-T national youth chair Happymore Chidziva has vowed the main opposition’s youth wing will not accept a poll outcome that does not declare party leader Nelson Chamisa as the winner.

He was speaking moments before the MDC Alliance leader delivered his keynote speech at a star rally in Gweru on Sunday.

Chamisa heads for a crunch election with poll surveys giving President Emmerson Mnangagwa a slender lead over his much younger challenger.

However, the MDC Alliance has raised a hue and cry over the conduct of the poll with accusations the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was all out to tilt the vote in Mnangagwa’s favour.

In the past few weeks, the main opposition front has staged massive demonstrations while demanding a level playing field.

But addressing the MDC Alliance crowd Sunday, Chidziva vowed youths within the main opposition were prepared to lay down their lives if the poll outcome did not emerge with Chamisa as the winner.

In comments directed at the Zanu PF led government and ZEC, the militant MDC-T youth leader said they were prepared to render the country ungovernable if the July 30 poll was rigged.

“We want to tell Mnangagwa and Zanu PF that this election is not going to be stolen. This election is not going to be rigged.

“We are prepared to lay down our lives in defending our vote. We would rather die than have Zanu PF steal this election,” he said.

Chidziva continued, “We want to tell Mnangagwa that this election is not going to be rigged.

“This country will be ungovernable if Zanu PF steals our vote.

“Any vote which is not going to declare Chamisa an outright winner is totally unacceptable because evidence is there that Chamisa is going to be the next leader of this country.”

Chamisa has maintained pressure on ZEC to free the vote while claiming the current scenario favoured the incumbent.

In his rally address, he said he had information ZEC planned to use a “fake ballot paper” in the election.

He vowed to lead the popular opposition “to defend our vote”.

On its part, ZEC maintains its hands were clean and says most of the demands by the opposition were not supported by the country’s electoral law.

Mnangagwa said weekend Chamisa had no powers to bellow instructions on the poll management authority which he said was independent of any political player in the country.