MDC youths vow own defence against abductions

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By Costa Nkomo

THE MDC Youth Assembly has vowed to defend party supporters from alleged ongoing abductions against the opposition and government critics.

Speaking after the alleged abduction and assault on MDC Midlands youth provincial chairperson Sekai Marashe by suspected Zanu PF supporters in Kwekwe, national youth assembly spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma told that fellow party youths were ready to match their captors pound for pound.

“As an assembly, we are prepared to defend our people with every drop of our blood for we believe in the ‘injure one, injure all’ philosophy,” he said.

He added: “This is a clear indicator that we are no longer dealing with a civilian government but a military one.

“More importantly, the regime is challenging us to a match by abducting our leaders and definitely we are going to respond in a fashion they understand for we are not cowards.”

However, the State has dismissed the alleged abduction and torture reports for acts that were being stage managed.

Deputy information minister Energy Mutodi has accused the Midlands MDC youth chairperson of being a “prostitute” who could have picked a fight with someone and got injured in the process.

“No matter how democratic our government can be, we can never guarantee that drunkards and prostitutes stop fighting,” Mutodi wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

Last week, Mutodi also poured scorn on popular actress Samantha Kureya aka Gonyeti’s abduction and torture claims by alleged State agents.

“Gonyeti did a comedy on police accommodation and it’s apparent she has done another one on abductions. We will not be fooled,” he wrote.