MDC: Zanu PF now opposed to liberation war values

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By Leopold Munhende

THE ruling Zanu PF party, is now viciously opposed to the ethos and values that inspired thousands of young Zimbabweans in the 60s and 70s to join the struggle against colonial oppression, the opposition MDC has said.

In its Independence Day message, Thursday, signed by spokesperson Jacob Mafume the party said Zimbabweans are still in the trenches fighting against subjugation by their own.

“In commemorating the day, it is important to highlight that the status quo brings to question the agenda, values and ethos of the liberation struggle.

“Zimbabweans are still in the trenches sadly fighting for issues which were the basis of the liberation agenda,” said Mafume.

“Zanu PF has ensured that they oppose what the liberation struggle was all about…they murder dissent, they rape women, they abduct those who disagree and they steal elections.”

The MDC questioned Zanu PF’s sincerity in dealing with the land issue amid reports of continuous disruptions of agricultural activities across the country.

“39 years after the liberation struggle, land ownership is still a question for discussion.

“Those politically connected to Zanu PF just wake up with an offer letter and displace a fellow citizen,” the statement said.

Mafume painted a bleak picture of the country’s health sector, once the pride of Zanu PF’s social policies.

“Access to healthcare is now a pipe dream. The public health delivery system is broken and hospitals have been turned into death traps…hundreds of Zimbabweans are dying of curable diseases and stress related ailments,” he said.

“Those controlling the State have converted it into an arena for personal enrichment.”

The MDC said the country’s education sector was in dire need for a complete overhaul, with some children still walking tens of kilometers to find a school almost 40 years after majority rule.

Teachers have been on a constant strike, the last which lasted over a month and saw those under a rural teachers union the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union (ARTUZ) walking some 294 kilometres in protest against poor working conditions.

Government this month began paying civil servants an RTGS$129 cushioning allowance that critics said has already been eroded by the rise in the prices of basic commodities in the past week alone.