Meek Mill gets dragged after asking how South Africans and Nigerians listen to music

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The Star

Meek Mill, a popular American rapper, has come under fire for questioning how South Africans and Nigerians listen to music.

In a post shared on X, he said: “Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa? I remember having a big show a few years ago. How do we all listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?”

After being lambasted, Meek responded that he had asked the question because he wanted to handle over his business, and none of his contracts granted authority to distribute him in Africa.

“I was asking how they listen to music in Africa because I want to handle my business; none of my contracts say they have rights to distribute me in Africa. Basically, looking for the money trail? Idk what platforms are used in South Africa, lol.”

Fans and twitter users were quick to respond with many criticising the rapper.

“Hey, @MeekMill (advise): To be relevant in Africa, you should humble yourself and feature Winky D of Zimbabwe. Forget about South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria; they don’t have digital platforms, i.e., Apple Music, Spotify, etc.; they are still using cassettes. Also, forget about Malawi. T for thanks,” said user @TrevorHustling.

Another user NoseTheCapital said: “If you want to know about any African country, there’s Google, and it is packed with basic information, or you can just visit that country and learn about their culture via tourism development or interacting with people. You are embarrassing yourself on these X streets.”

@SteezMothupi commented: “I heard first about you on YouTube; I’m based in South Africa, and since then it’s been YT music. I prefer watching the videos, though, so I’m more on YouTube, watching even videos from 10 years ago! * Still powerful to this day, a massive impact was made in my life.”

@Pacifik Cruise told the rapper to go to Google to find all the questions asked: “It’s simple, though; you have Google and ChatGPT. Once you type in your question, you will get the desired answer with the necessary charts and figures. You don’t want to trail your money based on random opinions gathered from random people. handle it the right way.”