Mental Health Expo On This Weekend

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

The Zimbabwe National Education and Cultural Trust Zimbabwe (NECTZIM), in conjunction with Women’s Gallery, will this Saturday host a Mental Health Padandaro Expo at the Old Hararians Sports Club.

The event, meant to raise awareness on issues to do with mental health which increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will see musicians, Feli Nandi, HolyTen, Nyasha David, Pauline and Rute Mbangwa performing.

Economic, spiritual and emotional pressures are widely blamed for the increase in mental health issues in Zimbabwe.

NECTZIM Director, Mathew Ndor, said people are walking with mental challenges in Zimbabwe.

“Mental issues have been there even before Covid-19 but worse during the pandemic people are trying to deal with a lot of pressures.

“People are trying to communicate properly and normally, there is no norm in the minds of people so we are trying to bring an awareness of that through edutainment, visual and performing arts activities.

“We noticed the need for the vent to help people actually and we are partnered with mental Organisations that also specialize on that,” Ndoro said.

Other partners include Penny Memorial Foundation represented by Tawanda Murepa, Young People Mental Health Trust represented by Tawanda Mayor and CIMAS will also be part of the event.

The programme is designed to raise awareness on the important issues around mental health in order to try and reduce the high rates of suicides faced by world-wide.