Millers affirm commitment to govt grain subsidy programme, import 80k grain per month

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By Staff Reporter

LOCAL millers have reiterated their commitment to government’s grain subsidy programme and have committed to importing 80 000 metric tonnes of the staple each month after government cereal agent, Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has run out of the agro-based produce to distribute to millers.

In a statement Friday, the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) said preparations were in place to bring in grain consignments.

“GMAZ and its membership are now in full swing working on an import program to bring in circa 80,000mt per month for milling which also includes maize for the Roller Meal Subsidy Program.

“GMAZ and its membership have mobilized resources and logistics to bring these tonnages of maize to adequately meet the high market demand.

“The Government has put in place key enablers for the importation program and they are also working out the new subsidy level on this imported grain since the GMB no longer has local maize available for the millers.”

GMAZ said its entire membership remained committed to the “noble idea of availing affordable staple food to the populace of Zimbabwe”.

The Government of Zimbabwe initially launched the Subsidized Roller Meal Program on the 6th of December 2019 through the Ministry of Finance.

Treasury allocated 40,000mt of maize ex-GMB for millers to produce a total of 32,000mt of Subsidized Roller meal to go into the market in the month of December.

This allocation was going to be availed on a monthly basis going forward.

GMAZ and the Government agreed on an exit price of $45 per 10kg bag from the Miller to the Retailers and wholesalers who would then sell to the consumer at the government stipulated price of $50 per 10kg.