Minister Dismisses Army Brutality Claims In Midlands

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By Staff Reporter

MIDLANDS Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavhima has dismissed as false, reports that the army has been brutalising people in Gokwe-Nembudziya for violating lockdown regulations.

This follows recent claims by Zanu PF women’s league commissar Maybe Mbowa that some soldiers were visiting brutalities on villagers in the area.

Mavhima dismissed the reports as fake.

“Nothing of that sort ever happened, that is fake news,” he said.

“The army did not brutalise anyone in Gokwe-Nembudziya; any reports to that effect are nothing but fake news,” Mavhima said.

MDC Alliance has since called on the army to rein in rogue elements within its ranks for allegedly terrorising civilians.

“It is unfortunate that army personnel shot an innocent villager to death in Gweru, while there were reports of innocent civilians or villagers brutalised by the army in Mberengwa and Gokwe,” MDC Alliance Midlands spokesperson Takavafira Zhou said recently.

“Such instances do not resonate with modern day operations of a national army, mostly in cultivating harmonious civil-military relations.

“We therefore urge the army commanders to rein in some of its rogue elements in order to maintain high professional standards of the army as defenders of the territorial integrity of the country.”