Minister Kazembe In Heated Exchange With Zanu PF Mash Central ‘Chefs’

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By Leopold Munhende

DIVISIONS among warring Zanu PF Mashonaland Central province’s top dogs deepened at the weekend after they turned their WhatsApp group into a battleground, exchanging fierce vitriols and threatening each other with violence.

It all started when provincial chairman Kazembe Kazembe posted a message on the group which is a preserve for the province’s top brass chastising his rivals for canvassing for support ahead of crunch provincial elections which have since been indefinitely postponed.

Kazembe also doubles as the Home Affairs Minister.

The Zanu PF Politburo postponed the provincial elections after they became a source of fierce infighting. It also banned all party officials from campaigning and warned anyone who flouted the rules would be toughly sanctioned.

“I continue to receive complaints from DCC (District Coordinating Committee) chairpersons that there are DCC executives moving into other districts clandestinely and at times at odd hours carrying out activities without the knowledge or involvement of the local DCC chairpersons,” Kazembe complained.

“Please be reminded that activities across DCCs are coordinated by the provincial leadership. DCC chairperson and their secretaries should coordinate activities in their respective administration districts.”

Kazembe said one unnamed district youth secretary was moving around the province coordinating youth tournaments under the guise of being invited yet he was canvassing for support to be voted provincial executive member.

He added: “There are allegations that he has actually approached various people in other districts at night campaigning for a particular DCC chairperson who is eyeing a provincial post.

“Please be warned that provincial elections were put on hold and were never declared open, hence any electioneering which is bent on creating parallel structures will be dealt with in accordance with the rules and regulations of the party.”

Kazembe, according to the chats, which were leaked to Saturday, received support from a member of the youth league provincial executive identified as only identified Gore, who is threatening to beat up anyone opposing Kazembe for the provincial chair post.

“It’s true chairperson, which is a bad thing and truly these people are causing parallel structures. We are not going to tolerate this nonsense. We are going to beat them,” said Gore.

However, the Mazowe district liberation war veterans chairperson, Ephanos Mudzimunyi attacked Kazembe, accusing him of fanning divisions among party members.

“Dear Chairman Kazembe, thank you for your words full of wisdom, but I think you are the one who is causing these parallel structures because you are the one who is vigorously campaigning before the time and the challenge of divisions we are experiencing lies in your hands,” Mudzimunyi said.

He added: “For example, the Dandamera skirmishes by your men went without action. You are also going around the province campaigning for the removal of war veterans’ chairman Cde (Sam) Parirenyatwa.

“I am of the opinion that discipline should start at the provincial level and as chairman please try to unite the people, attend to their problems and stop victimising Zanu PF people. Cde Chairman, people are creating parallel structures, taking your example.

“It is good for you to work nicely with the people (and) you will retain your post than intimidating your fellow comrades. People went to war for freedom. I think you are going to appreciate my openness, but I know those in your camp will throw stones, but we are watching you very closely.”

Sources from the province also said Kazembe has himself been heavily campaigning to retain the chairmanship and has been carrying out donations in some districts.

“For instance, he recently donated a computer to Mt Darwin Hospital and some wheelchairs, but when the elections were stopped, he also stopped the donations,” the source said.

“He has also been using the police machinery to campaign,” the source added.