Minister Nzenza dissolves IDCZ board

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By Alois Vinga

INDUSTRY Minister, Sekai Nzenza has moved to dissolve the management board of Zimbabwe’s leading industry corporation in a style that has become synonymous with most new cabinet ministers.

In a statement Friday, Nzenza announced the dissolution of the board which comes as a matter of urgency.

“As part of realignment to the new strategy, the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe (IDCZ) is hereby dissolved with immediate effect. The board has worked really hard in driving the strategic objectives of the IDCZ,” the statement said.

The immediate dissolution of management boards has become a common trend in Zimbabwe which is effected soon after new ministers are appointed.

Last year and soon after his appointment, Energy Minister, Fortune Chasi dissolved the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) board barely 60 days after its appointment.

Reasons behind the sacking were unclear but Chasi accused the team of failing to address the problem of power outages without taking into consideration the short period they had been in office.

ICT and Courier Services Minister Kazembe Kazembe also dismissed the NetOne board which was appointed by his predecessor soon after assuming office.

The dismissed NetOne board, which was chaired by Peter Chingoka comprised Sydney Nyanungo, Nyengeterai Mahaka, Ruth Ncube, K Mudukuti, Georgina Chingonzo, Theophilus Damba, G Madzorera and Nancy Samuriwo.

Sports Minister, Kirsty Coventry was not left out in the drama as she also dissolved the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) board soon after assuming office in a move described as “meant to breathe new life to the country’s supreme sport regulatory body.”

Like her other counterparts, Nzenza did not reveal any concrete reasons behind the decision to dissolve IDCZ only saying the move was aimed at aligning the corporation to the Zimbabwe National Industrial Development Policy.

“The decision has been arrived at with a view of driving the ministry towards His Excellency, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 to make Zimbabwe an upper middle-class economy. In this regard the ministry plays a significant role in productivity, the creation of jobs and promotion of growth,” Nzenza said.