Ministry dragged to court over failure to pay car service debt

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By Ebenezer Sibanda

A local car services company, Auto World Harare (AWH)  has dragged the Ministry of Local Government to court over failure to settle a $22 000 debt.

The debt, which has allegedly been outstanding since November last year, arose after the ministry contracted the company to service one of its vehicles.

According to the summons filed against the Ministry at the High Court, the parties had agreed that payment would be done within seven days after the issuance of an invoice for work done.

In its declaration, the company wrote that the Ministry’s debt for motor service was due on the 29th November 2018.

“The plaintiff (AWH) accordingly charged the defendant (Ministry of Local Government) for the service provided in the total sum of $22 289,32,” read the summons in part.

“It was the plaintiff’s terms and conditions that invoices are paid within seven (7) days upon receipt. The Defendant was issued with the Invoice Number 167923 on the 29th November 2018 and the invoice remains unpaid. The plaintiff carried out the major service on the Defendant’s car by way of labour, motor parts as well as service sundries.”

However, the Ministry in defence says AWH did not finish the job and owes it motor parts. It is also the Ministry’s argument that the company did a shoddy job.

The case is pending.