Minnie Dlamini on her evolving fashion – ‘I’m all about expressing myself’

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By News24

South Africa’s diamond, Minnie Dlamini, talks to us about her personal style.

She let’s us in on why she prefers to keep her style undefined.

She shares with us what is next for her now that the lockdown restrictions are easing up.

Television presenter and producer Minnie Dlamini has maintained longevity in South Africa’s media industry, and she is still going strong. She has kept her ‘it-girl’ status over the years through her bold and versatile and sultry fashion.

The star recently walked the Paris Fashion Week runway for South African fashion designer Jessica Jane-Molebatsi, who is also behind some of the TV host’s best style moments.

Having also recently hosted the Standard Bank Joburg Polo in the Park, Minnie lets us in on how she prepares for events, starting from her dress and building her make-up look, hair and accessories.

“I’ve been doing this for so long I guess I just make sure my glam team is ready. It starts off with speaking to the designers I’ve decided to work with and today was Gert-Johan Coetzee. I told him what I wanted and I allowed him to just run with it. I said, ‘give me legs, give me waist’,” she says of the crimson, embellished gown she wore at the Joburg Polo. The dress was inspired by a rose, she says.

She tells us that she prefers not to define her style but rather goes with what she feels in the moment, keeping in mind the event that she will be going to, the space she’s in and attaches a mood to the look.

“So, if I feel like short hair and looking, you know, really sexy and sultry – I’ll do that. If I want to look cute and pretty, then I’ll do that. So, I’m all about expressing myself in the different moods and in the different phases of my life”, she adds.

Speaking on the evolution of her style over the years the actress says she has recently started exploring and having fun with her fashion, after feeling like she got complacent and comfortable because she knew what silhouettes were best suited for her. However, she is now ready to take more risks and she is enjoying doing so.

Minnie, who recently produced her first film, also gave a hint as to what her fans can look out for from her now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased and the world is opening up again.

“I’m producing a whole lot, I’m working on a drama series, I’m working on films, I’m writing a lot and, of course, I’ll be back to acting, which is really really exciting.

“I know people haven’t really seen me on screen as an actress in a really long time and I can’t wait for people to see what I am working on. It’s really exciting,” she concludes.