Minor challenges school over expulsion

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

A 13-year student at Rugare Primary school in Kambuzuma has been dismissed by the school head because she resides in a neighbouring suburb, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human rights has revealed.

According to the lawyers, the student was suspended on May 11 this year.

The headmistress has ordered the girl to find alternative school in Warren Park because she is not resident in Kambuzuma.

Through ZLHR, the minor, who resides in Warren Park, has now written the school authorities challenging the move.

ZLHR says the girl should immediately be enrolled back.

“The expulsion of the minor is a breach of her right to administrative justice guaranteed in Section 68 of the Constitution, and also constitutes a breach of her right to education as provided for in terms of Section 75 of the Constitution,” said Tinashe Chinopfukutwa, her lawyer.

“Every child is entitled to school education as provided for under Section 4 of the Education Act and there is no provision in the Education Act which permits school authorities to expel learners on the basis that they stay in an area which is not in the designated zone for Rugare Primary School,” he said.

Chinopfukutwa also expressed concern that the expulsion had been done in the middle of the school term when alternative schools are fully enrolled.

“With abrupt change of learning environment would also would also adversely affect her given that she is close to sitting for her Grade seven examinations,” he said.

The expulsion took place despite the fact that the minor has been a student at Rugare Primary School since she enrolled for Grade 1.

The school is yet to respond.