Misconceptions on Kunatira (Steaming)

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By Dr. Fanuel Mamvura

As the term implies this is just inhalation of steam. It steamed out of a poor understanding of how the Covid virus enters the human body.

Science literature informed us that the Covid-19 Virus is weakened or destroyed by temperatures above 60 degrees.

This is the same temperature you are expected to was your clothes to clear the Covid-19 virus in high-risk situations.

So the assumption from those who advocate Kunatira is that if they steam up, they will kill the virus in the nose, throat, and sinuses. If one manages to get steam at 60 degrees, into your lungs, one would be dead in a short space of time. When people can’t breathe, they call for ” fresh air”, that’s not steamed air.

When breathing normal air, it goes straight to the most distal part of the lung called the Alveoli. This is the part of the lung which gets oxygen into the lung and carbon dioxide out.

As you breathe in and out, there is no way that you can stop the Covid-19 virus from reaching this part of the lung. So if you Natira even 20 times per day, If you get in contact with a coughing or sneezing person with Covid-19, you will still inhale the virus, that’s the reason WHO says Mask-Up.

Putting on a mask reduces your chances of inhaling the Covid-19 virus from an infected person. Therefore, Kunatira does not stop the Virus from entering your airways.

Kunatira has long been known to decongest the sinuses and throat. Yes, this gives a sense of relief that Ione can breathe better. Traditionally this helped a lot during winter. The eucalyptus is contained in medicines and tablets called Sinutab. That’s for sinuses and not for Covid-19.

Most people with Covid-19, do not have nasal congestion or sinus congestion, so why are they Natiraring. Ignorance has no defence. Now let me take you through how Covid-19 attacks the lungs.

The lung surface area damaged by Covid-19 cannot be cleared by Kunatira. There is thick pus and blood, that’s why Covid-19 patients cough blood-stained sputum.

To help clear the clogging up of lungs, we need to understand how treatments that prevent clogging of lungs work. Who, in their normal mind would think if you Natira, all that pus would clear away?

People who get Covid-19, often develop a temperature. If they don’t drink enough water, they go into dehydration and can get kidney injury due to dehydration.

You also need to remember that mist if they do not have a sense of smell or taste, means they do not drink enough water. So if these people Natira, they sweat losing more water. ‘

So three things causing dehydration are temperature, Natiraring, and reduced drinking of fluids and water. All this contributes to a feeling of moderate to severe weakness which a lot of people who Natira feel, especially after steaming.

They comfort themselves psychologically thinking the sweating is evidence of viral clearance.

My fellow Zimbabweans please please, don’t be blinded by ignorance. We have seen this blind following in many spheres of our lives.

Therefore, do not Natira thinking you are treating or preventing Covid-19.

If you decide to Natira because you have a blocked nose or sinuses, I recommend you Natira for up to 10minutes at a time and not more than six times per day. This is only as a nasal decongestant and not Covid-19 treatment.

More information on Dr. Mamvura’s remedies can be found on his website:, where material used for this article first appeared