Mliswa, Comic Pastor chide DJ Fantan over Winky D criticism

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By Staff Reporter

Independent Norton MP, Temba Mliswa, and Prosper Ngomashi – better known as Comic Pastor – have poured scorn on Dj Fantan for his remarks over Winky D’s Eureka Eureka.

Fantan, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, laid into Winky D while accusing him of exploiting young artists that feature on the Eureka Eureka album.

The producer’s sentiments drew fire on social media, prompting him to turn off his comment section on Facebook.

Outspoken Norton MP bemoaned the attacks by Fantan on saying people who raise mutually beneficial issues in society should be celebrated.

“I hear Fantan is hurting because the project Eureka Eureka did not feature any track from Chillspot?” queried Mliswa.

“On a serious note, it’s sad to see young people being used to fight other young people who raise mutually beneficial issues in society,” he added.

Comic Pastor, on the other hand, did not shy from taking a swipe at the music producer, saying that Fantan should look for a job.

“The Dj should look for a job,” said Comic Pastor.

Fantan had earlier on castigated Winky D, saying the gaffer had inherently tarnished the images of young artists featured on the album.

“I have been ignoring calls to comment about Winky D’s album. Yes I was excited to hear about the project. I was happy to see other artists featuring for once on his projects,” Fantan said.

“This time he included other artists, which was a dream come true for all of us. People wanted to see the music baton being passed from one generation to another and to see two generations combining.

“But as an elder in the music industry, when you do certain projects you must enlighten the youths you engage that you are being funded and you are recording a political album so that they make informed decisions on whether to feature or not,” claimed Fantan.

According to Fantan, the artists who featured on Eureka Eureka are lamenting over loss of corporate opportunities due to the nature of the project they helped to bring to life.

“As someone who groomed some of the youths on that album, I am pained to see them cry foul behind the scenes, saying they were thrown under the bus by Winky D.

“They are saying right now Winky D is in Dubai for holidays with his family whilst back home companies no longer want to associate with them because they do not want their brands associated with politics of any nature,” said the Chillspot boss.

“As elders, it’s our job to groom the budding talent. It’s cruelty as an elder to manipulate and abuse the trust bestowed upon you by the youth for personal gains.”