Mliswa ejected from parliament, demands murder probe against Nduna, says Zanu PF MPs are adulterers

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By Anna Chibamu

NORTON MP, Temba Mliswa was Wednesday dragged out of parliament when he rowed with deputy speaker Tsitsi Gezi whom he accused of siding with Zanu PF MPs.

This is after the fiery politician had stood to demand a murder probe to be instituted by parliament against Zanu PF MP for Chegutu West, Dexter Nduna.

Nduna had vowed during a Monday mines committee meeting quarrel with Mliswa that he would not struggle killing the latter as he (Nduna) had taken many lives. Mliswa, on his part, had called Nduna a “triple thief”. Nduna Tuesday filed a US$10 million suit against the controversial independent legislator.

Video footage of their nasty fall-out later went viral on social media.

Mliswa came back Wednesday to demand that parliament should investigate Nduna’s alleged murder confessions while also accusing some Zanu PF MPs of engaging in extra-marital affairs with fellow MPs.

When he was asked to resume his seat, Mliswa took it with the deputy speaker, accusing her of siding with fellow Zanu PF legislators.

“You are not allowing me to say what I want to say and constantly coming in when I want to speak,” Mliswa said.

“These are serious matters; allow me to speak. We do not want you to turn this parliament into a circus. You want to turn it into a Zanu PF parliament. Let us discuss the issue that offended me.

“Parliament should set up a committee to investigate Nduna who is there.

“For the integrity of this parliament, you should investigate him…” 

Mliswa continued while directing his rants at Nduna, “You kill people that you do not know. Vaakukumukira manje vanhu vawakauraya (Your death victims are now turning against you). You are now insane).

Munhu haaurayiwe (You don’t dare take away human life).

“The evidence is on video on what Nduna said to me. He threatened me and my family with death. Let me finish. Evidence is not on paper.”

As Mliswa made the rants, Zanu PF MPs jeered at him, “Ngochani, Ngochani, Ngochani (homosexual).”

Mliswa went on to accuse Nduna of causing the 2015 disappearance of journalist and activist Itai Dzamara.

After being booted out of the legislative chamber, Mliswa told journalists outside that Zanu PF was full of murderers.

“Zanu PF is at the forefront of killing people and he (Nduna) has confessed to killing people.

“He is a member of parliament who is supposed to be protecting lives but is confessing that he has killed. He is capable of doing many things because he is a criminal,” Mliswa fumed.