Mnangagwa An Archbishop Of Criminals – Biti

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti has labelled President Emmerson Mnangagwa a syndicate archbishop presiding over high-level criminal activities being committed in government.

Addressing party supporters during an online rally, the outspoken politician also said Mnangagwa’s administration had been captured by corrupt people.

“On corruption, there are no people who can steal worse than this government. I once said Emmerson Mnangagwa is the headmaster of thieves, no, he is actually the archbishop of thieves,” Biti said Sunday.

The online rally was dubbed; ‘Fight For Better Livelihoods’.

“In 2017, US$2.7 billion was stolen directly from the ministry of finance; 2018, US$3.5 billion was stolen directly from the same ministry.

“Now all gold mines owned by ZMDC have been given to Sakunda Holdings. ZimAlloys, Bindura Nickel Mine, Great Diamond Investment, Africa Resources Private Limited have all been given to Sakunda Pvt Ltd through a company called Landela,” he said.

“So they have redefined State capture. They have redefined corruption, that is the crisis that we are facing as a country and our solutions are very, very simple.

“We have to resolve the political crisis, once we resolve the political crisis, we have to bring sanity in our livelihoods. We have to make sure that we create and resort to a government that can govern our people with love, with concerns, and with solidarity.”

Biti, a former finance minister in the now-defunct inclusive government, said Zimbabweans were suffering and there was chaos in the financial, health and education sectors.

“We meet today in the middle of a crisis in our country, a crisis of governance, a crisis of leadership, a crisis of faith.

“In the history of governance, there is no government like that of Emmerson Mnangagwa, no failure can surpass that of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“People of Zimbabwe are suffering. As I speak to you right now, inflation has reached 1400%. In November 2017, when Mugabe left office, a loaf of bread was at 90 cents but now because of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, it now costs $100.

“Our people are suffering, 95% of people are unemployed, 79% of people are living in extreme poverty surviving on US$0.35 a day. That is the suffering of our people.

“If we go to money issues, the black market rate is now US$1:110. They have totally mismanaged the country’s monetary policy, they have totally mismanaged the foreign exchange.”

Biti said an MDC Alliance government was ready to bring economic development in Zimbabwe.

“We in the MDC Alliance are ready to govern and our solutions are very clear. We need to restore the country back to sanity. We need to restore the country back to basics. We need to restore Zimbabwe back to a normal sustainable state.

“People are dying in hospitals because there are no medicines, nurses their 20th day of the strike. A nurse is paid $3000 when their monthly rent is US$100.

“So we have a serious crisis in the health sector, we have a serious crisis in the education sector where Mnangagwa’s government is forcing children in schools to reopen, and yet they can’t provide basic Covid-19 equipment to teachers and school children.”